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Don't Be Afraid of the Words!

Fat_Sex - Say It Loud and Proud!
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So, I realized that the original fat_sex mailing list rules were still mostly relevant, so I'm cheating horribly and posting a modified version of those here. There are a few changes, so read through these at least once!

If you have any complaints, suggestions, requests, etc., they must be directed to one of the moderators privately. Absolutely NO public moderating is allowed by anyone else. If you attempt to moderate the journal in public, you will give up your right to be a list member.

We all hate rules. The only thing we hate more than rules is having to make and enforce them. Please don't give us a reason to do so, and you'll keep the journal maintainers VERY happy. The following are things we feel very strongly about and intend to enforce, so take heed.

  1. It should be obvious, but it isn't: Think before you post. You should watch the kinds of posts that we have here for awhile, get the feel for what the journal is about, and THEN post. Or, decide if the blog isn't your style and leave. Bitching about the journal ON the journal is a fast way to get booted, as are posts that attack, ridicule, or otherwise harass other journal members or the moderators.

  2. Check with us before posting ads: As a rule no commercial postings will be permitted unless they pertain to the nature of this blog, i.e. fat_sex. This also includes posts of an "urgent" nature, such as virus warnings or misguided attempts at political activism. Check with a moderator first, and we'll let you know it's okay.

  3. Since the journal takes care of keeping track of threads, you should only quote old messages sparingly. We can read the earlier posts if we're confused.

  4. While we all love photos, the nature of this list means that posting them can cause people problems if they're logging on in a less than perfect environment. Always use cut-tags for ALL photos (even if it IS work safe) to reduce load times. Mark non-work safe images as such! Also, if you're posting a huge picture, let us know -- some users are still stuck with dial-up.

  5. NO FLAMING! If you start insulting people, their ideas, or their lifestyles, as opposed to debating or discussing, then do NOT send the message. We will find you, and tell you to STOP! If you do it excessively you will be booted from the journal. IMPORTANT NOTE: "Excessive" can mean more than zero times, depending on the nature of the transgression.

  6. Use common sense when deciding whether to mark a post "friends only" or "public". My mother was reading my journal (yohannon) for TWO YEARS before she fessed up. If you're talking about the hot time you had in an orgy last night, or posting photos of yourself having sex with five or six of your closest friends with benefits, go with friend's only.

  7. There STILL is no rule 7.

  8. There are several topics that are NEVER welcome in fat_sex with absolutely NO exceptions - dieting for weight loss reasons or weight gain reasons, feeder fantasies, and advertisements that haven't been cleared with us.

We will let things drift about. This is a club, with all the digressions and drifts that occur from time to time. All we ask is that you TRY and keep it focused to fat and/or sex. However, it won't always be like one non-stop orgy in there. As someone who has BEEN to orgies, you'd be surprised how much like an orgy this blog is -- diverse sexualities and preferences, good conversation, inane gossip (dish, baby, dish!), and the occasional disagreement, as well as the rare expulsion (no means no, ESPECIALLY at an orgy).

This list doesn't discriminate against any perverse lifestyles: Monogamy (serial and otherwise), vanilla sex, polyamory, BDSM, bi, dykes, gay, queer, and even (gasp!) celibacy can be discussed openly. NO ONE is to suggest on the list that someone shouldn't post in public: E-mail one of us privately if you have a problem, if we haven't noticed yet. If there are problems *We* moderate in public -- one public warning for any deliberate or willful acts (everyone goofs, but we won't tolerate people who won't take a clue that's handed to them!). The one thing that will earn our ire are those who would play moderator. We are the moderators. We decide what's in or out of line.

FINAL NOTES: This is something that we do in our spare time. We will be reading the blog (that's EVERY message). If you receive a note from any of the moderators requesting that you modify your behavior in the journal in any manner, it is not open for discussion; we will have discussed it amongst ourselves prior to sending you the letter and the decision will stand firm. Please police yourself so that we will not have to police you.